search中文 |  FacebookHome  NewsBaotou on its way to becoming an ecological cityUpdated: 2016-05-09Baotou of Inner Mongolia is building itself into a garden city, with plans for 12 greening projects involving an Olympic park, peoples park, botanical garden and road forestation this year, with one gardener involved in the Kunbei Road greening saying that they have planted 400 Chinese scholartrees, 680 weeping willows, 285 clove trees, and 429 flowering plums, and 2,800 square meters in cherry plums, as well as 2,009 square meters of Amur privet shrubs, and 900 square meters of elm trees.Baotou says they hope their efforts will provide a foundation for becoming a national ecological garden city status.Courtyard greening project in Baotou. [Photo/Baotou Daily]Previous Page1 2 3 Next PagePrevious Page1 2 3 Next Page8.03KSpecials26th National Book ExpoBaotou economy on fast track in Q1Baotou industrial work report for 13th Five-Year PlanVideosBaotou, ChinaAboutBaotou